Flygl & Bille

Raising a glass to two pioneers

The cream of Norwegian aquavit and coffee are brought together in Flygl & Bille’s exquisite Aquavit Coffee liqueur.

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Kind is behind the concept development, name and visual identity for 'Flygl & Bille' - an exclusive brand of cream, coffee and aquavit-based liqueur.

The cream of Norwegian aquavit and coffee are brought together in Flygl & Bille’s exquisite Aquavit Coffee liqueur. The name is inspired by customs officer Nicolay Flygl and the Danish diplomat Eske Bille; these gentlemen provided us with the first documented evidence of coffee and aquavit in Norway, respectively.

Coffee is believed to have been introduced to Norway in the late 17th century but it was expensive, meaning only the wealthy could enjoy it. We find the first documented evidence of coffee in 1694. An inventory taken in Christiania for the division of the estate of deceased senior customs officer Nicolay Flygl, mentions the following: 1 coffee pot and kettle made of tin, worth 2 ort (about a shilling).

The upper class probably drank a fair amount of coffee in the 18th century. However, it was not until the 19th century that its use became widespread in Norway.

The first time we know for certain that aquavit existed in Norway was in 1531. The commander of Bergenhus Fortress, the Dane Eske Bille, sent a letter that year to Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson.

In the letter, Bille explains that he is sending some precious drops ‘that are called Aqua vit and that can cure... just about any disease of the internal organs’. We see that the Latin name ‘Aqua Vitae’ - ‘water of life’- was in use already.

This name has persisted even though aquavit’s medicinal properties have long since been proved false. It has not actually been all that long since the claim was disproved – during the Norwegian prohibition era from 1919 to 1926, spirits could only be obtained legally with a doctor’s prescription.

Even though coffee is no longer reserved for the upper classes, and aquavit is no longer regarded as medicinal, Flygl & Bille offers a seductively creamy taste of both in perfect harmony. Let’s call it gourmet medicine for refined palates. 

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'Given Kind's reputation and expertise, choosing an agency to develop the profile, design and communication strategy for Flygl & Bille was not a difficult decision. Working with Kind has been a pleasure. They deliver on schedule and they deliver a product that we are really happy with and proud of. We will strongly recommend Kind to anyone with either national or international ambitions for their products.'

Morten Dale Co-Founder, Oss Craft Destillery
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