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Branding an Icon in marine mobility

  • Brief / Analysis
  • Strategic counseling
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Implementation

KIND has completed the brand development for the Icon, BMW’s flagship in sustainable progressive marine luxury.

Launched at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, the Icon is a new flagbearer for sustainable mobility on water. As the first battery-powered marine craft of its kind, this unique vessel brings together locally emission-free travel with a vision of luxury that embraces pleasure.
Designworks, a BMW Group subsidiary with studios in Los Angeles, Munich and Shanghai, created the design of The Icon, with the development and realisation of the concept entrusted to ambitious German boat maker Tyde.

A new standard of sustainable excellence.

As the driving force behind the launch of The Icon, BMW has demonstrated its holistic commitment to sustainable mobility that encompasses not only road transport but also travel on water.
The Icon encapsulates a future-facing form of luxury. This innovative craft appeals with its unique design, and it also offers passengers a totally new experience of mobility. With its exclusive on-board ambience, exquisite comfort converges with a significantly reduced environmental impact.
The collaboration between BMW and KIND was key to positioning the Tyde brand and in shaping the narrative for the launch of The Icon.
Our brand positioning strategy was instrumental in showcasing the seamless partnership between Tyde and BMW, and in communicating how the Icon is a powerful embodiment of innovation, luxury and driving pleasure.

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