Branding the world's first efficient emission free cargo fleet

Brand Identity

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KIND has shaped Veer's identity and naming, a name signifying a clear change in direction for both the company and the industry. “Veer on course,” a call to action, symbolises a sea change for shipping—an emblem of a clean movement, conscience, and voyage. It’s a bold and dynamic message representing a sustainable revolution.

The transportation sector accounts for approximately 15% of global CO2 emissions, with 3% from maritime freight alone—an industry grappling with the transition to a sustainable future. Enter Veer, a visionary initiative aiming to fix the broken link in sail cargo. With a speed of 20 knots and cutting-edge sail and solar technology, Veer emerges as the world’s first efficient, zero-emission cargo ship.
Veer’s identity is encapsulated in a forward-thinking logo that dynamically shifts direction, serving as a guiding force. The colour palette is bright and uplifting, reflecting a positive outlook. The grid system is strict, and the lines push forward towards the right, symbolising progress and innovation.

Shipping goods the good way
Veer is contracting two major builds and has already signed agreements to transport emission-free goods for prominent international players, including the renowned brand Lush. By adopting the slogan “Shipping goods the good way,” Veer urges major corporations to embrace emission-free sea freight, pioneering a transformation in an industry ripe for change. Veer aspires to lead the way towards a cleaner, greener future, setting a new standard for sustainable shipping practices.

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