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KIND is an international, multi-award-winning, full-service branding agency. KIND was named Europe's best agency by the European Design Awards 2019/20, and Global Agency of the Year by The World Brand Design Society 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024. Our head office is in Bergen, Norway, with branch offices in Oslo and Aberdeen. Our team of experts in design, strategy, positioning and content, is spread worldwide. This global presence has helped us to create iconic, award-winning, emotive work for market-leading companies across wildly diverse markets.

Our work is different. It’s one of a Kind.

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  • Wbds24 Preview

    KIND named ‘Global Agency of the Year’ at The World Brand Design Society Awards for the fourth year running.

    For the fourth year running, the World Brand Design Society Awards named KIND ‘Global Agency of the Year’. The 2023/24 awards ceremony was held in London, where KIND received 33 awards in addition to the main trophy of the evening.

  • Phima

    Branding the world's largest land-based trout farm

    KIND has undertaken the branding for what is set to become the world’s largest land-based trout fish farm. Hima Seafood’s investment of over 250 million Euros in this groundbreaking project in Rjukan, Telemark, signals a new era in aquaculture.

  • Stingray Preview

    Branding one of Europe’s most innovative companies

    As one of the three finalists in the European Inventor Awards, Stingray Marine Solutions has already proven the value of its innovative aquaculture technology. KIND has rebranded and repositioned the innovative company as it seeks to communicate the unique benefits of its high-precision laser technology to the international aquaculture industry.

  • Gyda Preview 3

    Branding the Queen of the Arctic

    KIND has developed the communication strategy, naming and holistic brand building for the premium snow crab brand Gyda. Caught in one of the world's cleanest waters, according to the world's strictest environmental standards, this is a sustainable delicacy.

  • Agency Of The Year Preview1

    KIND awarded European Agency of the Year!

    European Design Awards has named KIND as the best agency in Europe – the most creatively successful agency of the continent. To win the top accolade ‘European Agency of the year’ is a real achievement, were the competitors are all the top agencies in Europe.

  • Salum Preview

    KIND is Principal Sponsor for the world’s fastest para-athlete.

    Now almost blind, with just 2% sight, Salum Kashafali is the world’s fastest para-athlete. A world champion and world record holder at the Paralympics, he is also Norway’s fastest able-bodied man. And today, he is training harder than ever, thanks to a principal sponsorship deal with KIND.

  • Giannotti Preview

    Branding the Monaco-based fashion house, Giannotti

    KIND has been working with renowned fashion designer, Alexis Giannotti, ahead of the global launch of the new Giannotti luxury knitwear brand. KIND has developed the holistic brand from start to finish – from the brand strategy to the brand identity and through to its full-scale implementation.

  • Bareksten Thumbnail V2

    Branding the world’s best gin

    Bareksten represents the essence of Norway – dark, wild, breathtaking, dramatic. Clean flavours inspired by ancient craft traditions.

  • Bmw Preview 2

    Branding an Icon in marine mobility

    KIND has completed the brand development for the Icon, BMW’s flagship in sustainable progressive marine luxury.