Branding a game-changer in sustainable marine luxury

Brand Identity

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KIND has rebranded the innovative German boat-builder, Tyde, as it launches a new era of sustainable luxury marine mobility. The holistic brand strategy and brand development for Tyde follows many months of close and creative collaboration in the run-up to the launch of the Icon, Tyde’s innovative new hydrofoil craft designed by the BMW Group subsidiary, Designworks.

The sophisticated brand identity developed by KIND builds on the principle of elevation, reflecting the gravitational pull of the moon and the tide. It captures the naturally raised feelings of excitement and happiness, those heightened positive emotions, we feel when we are in an elevated state of joy.

Inspired by the forces of nature

Inspired by the inevitable ebb and flow of the tide, one of the world’s most fundamental and reliable phenomena, the identity captures how Tyde’s unique technology unlocks the flow of flying, where innovation and nature come together to offer a unique and uplifting experience.
Tyde’s fusion of technology and tranquillity creates the perfect harmony for a carefree mind to soar and embrace the natural joy of the marine world. With its uncompromising focus on innovation and sustainability, Tyde is providing yachts for elevated experiences.
Tyde’s ground-breaking hydrofoil technology is revolutionizing the relationship between luxury and sustainability. Reducing drag and disturbance to deliver a low-impact, high-performance experience. Allowing passengers to enjoy the future of marine mobility as they embrace the full flow of the Tyde.

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