Hima Seafood

Branding the world's largest land-based trout farm

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Hima® | Trusted Telemark Trout
Hima® Seafood is pioneering the future of aquaculture in the Rjukan Valley, Telemark. Employing revolutionary land-based fish farming techniques using fresh, recirculated mountain water, this venture aims to set a new standard in environmentally friendly premium trout farming. Nestled in the natural landscape of Rjukan, the swift, cold waters sourced from high-altitude mountain lakes produce the healthiest and best-tasting trout globally.

Hima, Genesis of the Name
In Norwegian, “Hima” describes a thin fog that envelops everything like a cloud touching the ground. In the Rjukan valley, this mist adds an air of mystery, shrouding both river and mountain. It acts as a veil of intrigue, slowly lifting to unveil the inherent natural beauty beneath.

The Birthplace of a Real Seafood Superstar
It takes a certain amount of darkness to see the stars.
In a valley in Telemark, it’s pitch-black five months a year.
Here, tall mountains protect the deep, crystal-clear waters.
This is the birthplace of a real seafood superstar.

The fog symbolises the mysterious, and it hides many treasures. The very origin of Hima’s name comes from the fog that also characterises the dark valley the fish live in. A valley that is covered in complete darkness five months of the year. The sheltered, mysterious surroundings of pure mountain water from surrounding glaciers create a perfect atmosphere for a trout to thrive. When the darkness and fog disappear, you see the culinary treasure crystal clear.

Unveiling Nature’s Mystique
Hima’s identity draws inspiration from nature’s colour palette and the lifting fog (hima) that reveals the beautiful treasures of the environment. The hand-drawn logo, an open symmetrical form, mirrors the unfolding nature of the mist. The gradient of the fog serves as a recurring element, threading through the visual language, from lifestyle to product images. This image style creates a high-end and mysterious expression, celebrating the natural environment where the fish are nurtured.

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