Branding the Queen of the Arctic

KIND has developed the communication strategy, naming and holistic brand building for the premium snow crab brand Gyda. Caught in one of the world's cleanest waters, according to the world's strictest environmental standards, this is a sustainable delicacy.

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  • Strategic counseling
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Implementation

Gyda - A mark of Pure Excellence
Our trademark is inspired by the purity of the Arctic.
Six stars of divine virtue encircle a single snow crystal.
This is a mark of pure excellence.
A promise of superior quality and divine taste.

For those seeking the best of the best, very few products merit six-star distinction, but the Arctic Snow Crab is one. The purest of products wild caught in the pristine Arctic waters to the world’s strictest environmental standards, this is the promise of pure excellence delivered.

A Queen with Unrivaled Standards
The legend of Gyda is a story of purity and ideals. A story of unrivalled standards that presents the unification of Norway and an enduring love story.

Born in the year 852 in Hordaland, Gyda was the daughter of Eirik, King of Hordaland, ruler of one of the petty kingdoms that made up pre-united Norway. Gyda was proposed to by Harald Fairhair, the king of the petty kingdom of Vestfold, but according to legend, she refused to marry him until he was king over all of Norway.

Harald took a vow not to cut nor comb his hair until he was the sole king of Norway. Ten years later, Harald was justified in trimming his hair when he became king of a united Norway and was given the epithet ‘fairhair’ that we know today. As King, he then sent for Gyda and, reminding her of her promise, made her his Queen.

The legend of Gyda shows us why it’s important to hold true to your standards, and we have therefore taken her name as ours.

Like our Majestic Snow Crab, Gyda was also Queen of the Arctic. Like us, she was a true Norwegian, proud of her heritage and her origins. Like Queen Gyda, we also set unrivalled standards. We sustainably harvest one of the world’s purest products from the deep, pristine waters to the strictest environmental criteria. And just like Gyda, we will never compromise on our principles either.

The Majestic Snow Crab
The majestic Snow Crab gets its name from its meat, which will turn from red to snowy white upon cooking. It is also known as the Queen Crab and has a deliciously sweet yet subtly briny flavour.

Arctic Snow Crabs are sustainably managed and responsibly harvested, making them an excellent seafood choice. The legs of the Snow Crab are easier to handle than those of the King Crab; their smooth shells are easy to break and remove, revealing pristine flesh with its sweet, mild and delicate flavour.

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