Branding a living Lineage

Lineage is an American lifestyle brand focusing on moments that matter—collecting memories and stories from real people, their lives, and their moments.

We are defined by moments, who we are, and what we become. Lineage is a tribute to these moments, our bonds, and our connections. Lineage is not just about heritage; it’s about all connections you make, every life you touch, and all the lives that touch you. Lineage is about living, Lineage is life.

A Life. A Style.
Lineage does not simply craft items; it collects stories and creates memories. Lineage is all about special moments, and the emblem is a reminder to cherish them.

Caring is at the core of Lineage. They believe our surroundings are a reflection of our intentions and actions. They believe maintaining strong emotional bonds with our loved ones makes us better versions of ourselves. Lineage is about living a life defined by the intimate moments, not just the defining moments.

Your lineage is not only what was created yesterday but what you create today. It will last tomorrow and beyond. Lineage is the story you choose to create, the lives you touch, and the moments that touch you. Your lineage is being defined every day, with every moment.

A Piece. A Purpose.
For every item purchased, there is a significant donation. Where too? That’s up to you. Lineage is a brand for givers, not takers. For those who value others are most valuable to us. Lineage is for thinkers who are also doers. There’s no value in thinking if you don’t act. Giving back is a minor act of kindness.

Your moment. Your Lineage.
Collecting memories and stories from real people, their lives, and their moments, Lineage wants to inspire people to share their stories. Brand ambassadors like former Major League Baseball player and World Champion Buck Coats, MLB Player and two times World Series Champion Ryan Theriot, and Time Magazine “Person of the Year” nominee Ruby Kate Chitney are among the people who share their purpose, stories, bonds and moments.

A mark of belonging.
The Lineage logo is a sign of belonging, inspired by an endless knot, connecting people. A strong connection between two things. A life tied to another, generations connected by family or friends. A bond that can’t be torn down the middle.

From inherence law to a living Lineage.
Lineage Life is an indirect rebrand of its founder’s previous company Lineage Law. Lineage Law was a company that primarily dealt with the things you don’t like to talk about: inheritance law and what happens when life comes to an end. Stephanie Prestridge was the co-founder of this successful US law firm. Still, after working for years with clients planning the end of their lives, Stephanie decided to focus on her purpose of lifting people by collecting stories about the living lineage. This was the start of a new brand, Lineage Lives.

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