Branding the Monaco-based fashion house, Giannotti

KIND has been working with renowned fashion designer, Alexis Giannotti, ahead of the global launch of the new Giannotti luxury knitwear brand. KIND has developed the holistic brand from start to finish – from the brand strategy to the brand identity and through to its full-scale implementation.

Branding / Visual Identity

  • Brief / Analysis
  • Strategic counseling
  • Concept development
  • Design
  • Implementation

Designed in Monaco and engineered in Italy
Designed in Monaco and engineered in Italy, Giannotti creates luxury knitwear from sustainable materials to deliver a big impact in the world of fashion while ensuring a small environmental footprint on the planet. By embracing 3D knitting technology to reduce waste, and by engineering fabrics that need less washing, the Giannotti vision is to bring a new level of sustainability to high fashion with a fully recyclable product range.

“By marrying high-performance proprietary fibres with 3D seamless knitting technology, we deliver comfortable, lightweight finishes from a single thread”, explained Alexis Giannotti.By combining luxury knitwear with designer innovation we have created a range of sustainable fashion – that offers freedom of movement and feels great.”

Giannotti and KIND: A perfect fit
Reflecting on working with KIND as the Giannotti brand partner, Alexis added: “What really motivates me is creating a new standard for ethical fashion. KIND is renowned worldwide as an outstanding branding agency with strong principles. So that’s what attracted me to KIND – we share the same values. They combine strategy with creativity – and fit perfectly with what we’re trying to achieve here at Giannotti. I believe KIND will help to take us to the next level as a global luxury fashion brand.”

Tom Emil Olsen, CEO, Creative Director & Founder of KIND said: “This has been a terrific brand for our team to be involved with. Alexis is a brilliant fashion designer and also a focused entrepreneur. When you buy Giannotti knitwear, you get the best of both worlds – luxury and craftsmanship, Monaco and Italy, style and sustainability.

“But, of course, that emotional duality of creativity and commerce also goes far beyond fashion – it’s what drives us here at KIND. So, naturally, we are very excited to be part of this team and to launch this sustainable global fashion brand with a clear conscience.”

Giannotti Setup Symbol
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