Branding a resistant island salmon

KIND has branded Norway’s westernmost salmon farm. The Bue Islands naturally stand strong against tides and currents, creating strong both fish and folks.

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Resistance builds resilience
Only with resistance can we build resilience. Only with resilience can we make progress. Sitting on the edge of the ocean gap, the Bue Islands encounter a lot of natural resistance.

A Lasting Legacy

It is said that people build too many walls and not enough bridges. On the west coast and islands of Norway, there are no walls, but lots of bridges.

The Bue Islands are home to a closely-knit community of people trusting and depending on each other. A community working together with, against and in one with the elements. Pioneers, tradesmen, travellers, and sea farmers. Innovators and craftsmen utilising the resources of nature to their full potential. In this Northern archipelago, Bue is bridging the twin pillars of seafood traditions and the future of seafood, developing sustainable solutions for the next generations.

Inclusive and transparent, Bue is embracing the hard-earned resilience of past generations and reinventing it. In Norway’s westernmost island community, we are harnessing the best of modern, cutting-edge, land-based flow-through technology to raise healthier salmon and protect the ecosystem.

Pioneering aquaculture solutions are at the very heart of the business. Bringing together production experience and environmental expertise, we are working with the community and our industry partners to create a lasting legacy.

Current Made
Only with resistance, can we create real progress. In the ocean gap furthest west in Norway, there is a lot of resistance. Here you’ll find our Fresh Island Salmon swimming naturally against the strong flowing current.

Harvested fresh daily, the current advantage is a stronger, healthier, superior salmon. Naturally athletic, the Bue Salmon is fitter and more muscular. Rich in health benefits and flavour, a sustainable treat, perfect for raw consumption and smoked processing. Fresh Island Salmon is brought up on nature’s terms, swimming in fast-flowing crystal-clear north Atlantic waters, in a controlled environment.

Strong. Naturally.
Bue® Fresh Island Salmon is current made. Swimming instinctively against the continuous current, they are naturally healthy, more powerful, firm and tasty. The natural choice.

The fast-flowing current creates a very special salmon. Strengthened by its natural environment, it becomes more agile and more muscular with a superior taste. It is a fish that thrives in its clean surroundings and makes the most of its current advantage.

Healthier fish are happier fish. The health and well-being of the salmon are first and foremost among our priorities. We closely monitor the water, the current, and the environment to safeguard a healthy ecosystem. We aim to create the optimal arena for our naturally athletic fish to grow and mature.

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