Branding a century-old premier shipyard in Norway

Stadyard’s iconic logo, shaped like a bow, visually represents the backbone of boat construction. The custom typography complements the logo, creating a cohesive brand identity. The logo, whether in outline or filled form, captures the structural essence of a vessel’s construction. The colour palette, featuring Indigo Black, Indigo Gray, and Silver, drawn from the shipyard’s palette, is accentuated with a warmer salmon pink, infusing a touch of warmth alongside skin tones in photography. The picture mark draws inspiration from ship bows, structural ribs, and breaking waves, symbolizing progress and determination.

The logotype mirrors the structural build-up of the picture mark, constructed like building blocks to form an iconic wordmark. The chosen font, Repro, is a friendly and flexible sans serif inspired by signage and digital operating systems. It seamlessly merges clean design with intricate font engineering. The layout system adopts a structural square pattern, balancing structure and agility.

The image style focuses on the duality of a human-centric and product-oriented approach. The warm and pleasant grading enhances the visual narrative, bringing out the essence of craftsmanship and maritime heritage.

Sea Sense Since 1923
“Sea Sense Since 1923” encapsulates Stadyard’s enduring connection with the sea and the wealth of knowledge accumulated over a century. This succinct slogan communicates a legacy and an ongoing commitment to maritime excellence.

Stadyard’s branding journey is a testament to a rich maritime heritage, encapsulating the craftsmanship, engineering prowess, and Sea Sense that define its century-long legacy. The visual identity, typography, and communication strategies harmoniously come together, creating a timeless brand that echoes the enduring spirit of the sea.

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