Branding a Cheeky & Uplifting Massage Parlour Chain

Norwegian massage chain Squeeze has revolutionised the massage industry by focusing on affordable drop-in sessions on the go. The solution is convenient, simple, and effective, providing stress relief at your fingertips. Life is hard; Squeeze is a friendly, comfortable, and soft escape. Feeling the pressure? Give it a squeeze.

Strategic Locations
Squeeze strategically positions its massage centres where people need immediate stress release—airports, coworking spaces, and city streets. With modern salons, friendly staff, and efficient scheduling at low prices, Squeeze offers a sanctuary to organise your therapy efficiently. With a membership, you can even choose your therapist. Squeeze time, squeeze cost, squeeze your worries away.

Market Positioning
Squeeze bridges the divide by identifying a market gap between expensive luxury clinics and more budget-friendly yet less professional massage parlours. Leveraging digital solutions for quick and efficient bookings, Squeeze has rapidly become a household name in Norway for physical well-being.

A Soft Human Touch
Squeeze’s visual identity draws inspiration from soft, human forms. The ’S’ in the logo is playfully squeezed, reflecting a gentle and friendly touch. Humour and approachability are key elements in communication and imagery, humanising both the clinics and the brand, making them more relatable and approachable.

Friendly and Approachable
Humour, a lighthearted approach to communication, and a visual style contribute to the brand’s accessibility. By incorporating these elements, Squeeze has successfully made its clinics and services more down-to-earth, resonating with a broader audience.

A Natural Dynamic Palette
The dynamic colour palette takes cues from skin tones, creating a warm and human-centric identity. The chosen colours evoke a sense of comfort and friendliness, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience.

Squeeze employs a rounded, grotesque typeface known for its friendly and warm characteristics. This choice in typography aligns with the brand’s identity, conveying a sense of approachability and warmth.

Communication Style
The brand’s communication is characterised by humour, simplicity, and positivity. Squeeze has crafted a fun narrative, ensuring its messaging resonates positively with the audience. This approach differentiates the brand and establishes a memorable and engaging customer connection.

Squeeze’s visual branding is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating an effective but also friendly, comfortable, and soft environment—a true reflection of the brand’s ethos. Squeeze is not just a massage; it’s a lifestyle choice. Transforming the perception of massages from a luxury to a necessity, Squeeze stands out as a brand that understands the pulse of modern life—fast-paced, demanding, and needing an instant escape. The brand journey of Squeeze showcases how simplicity, accessibility, and a touch of comfort can redefine an entire industry.

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