Branding a Rural Retreat

Far away from everyday life, you will find Åmot – A rural retreat within a picturesque fjord landscape. Experience a pause away from the ordinary. Nestled between mountains, fjords and pastures, the heritage-filled estate is a unique private stay hidden in the serene Sunnfjord.

Brand Identity

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Branding a Rural Retreat

The historic farmyard has been in the Sørli for five generations since it was built in 1885 by the current owner's great-grandfather. It has gone from a family home to a small farm to one of Norway's finest luxury lodgings. Within the heritage-filled estate, the guests will experience a stay of contrasts – seasonal produce from our neighbours, prepared by Michelin chefs. Walking monumental mountains and the serene bliss of our orchard.
Authentic meetings with locals to private performances by the most genuine regional talents. Visiting Åmot is like stepping into a painting of tranquillity. A pause. A time to revitalise. A time to reflect and rediscover the finer things in life. The branding revolves around the feeling of a pause and the estate's heritage. Kind wanted to capture this through photography. The image style needed to have traditional elements, feel authentic and give a sense of calm. It needed to be exclusive but also warm.

A Hearty Heritage

The typography is inspired by 1800s typesetters and a hand-drawn monogram of the Norwegian letter “Å” combined with a floral shape that creates a hearty heritage. The Monogram is also used as an integrated part of written communication.
The communication is warm and inclusive, shaped by headlines with alliteration that sums up the experience in a memorable way.
We wanted the identity and photography to have a renaissance feel. We used the low morning light to achieve the desired look and brought it out with haze.

The precise direction of the beams creates a dramatic spotlight and dark shadows in the interior. We removed the blues to enhance the picturesque renaissance look, which let the brown, warm tones seep through. Step back in time, breathe, discover, savour and remember.

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