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We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

'What is most compelling to me about Kind is knowing that the “good is not enough” mentality is a constant force at work - everything has to be the best, it has to perfect, it has to be amazing... that is why I would say Kind is the best branding agency in the world.'

Michael J. Hoover CEO and Co-founder, Lineage Law

'Kind described in three words... Competence, competence and competence!'

Herman Friele Chairman of the board, Friele Group

'A world-class branding agency. After our cooperation on the branding of our product, we are very satisfied. The product gets attention from all over the globe. Kind's work contains incredibly high aesthetic quality and is pure genius.'

Anne Birte Hanken CEO and Founder, Jacu Coffee Roastery

'Kind has given us great business advice, developed our new communication strategy, our new name, brilliant storytelling and a unique identity... Our visions have been transformed into one uniform that reflects everything we stand for. We are delighted with the result, which has made it possible for us to reach a new and very exclusive market.'

Jan Brekke CEO, Glitne

'Through its analytical and creative processes, Kind developed our new visual and emotional brand. Kind has created a 'lovemark' and effective market communication for Uninite. They have given us important support in our business development and market positioning. In my opinion, Kind is a world-class agency.'

Christian Wierød CEO and Co-Founder, Uninite

'They always challenge the traditional perception of brand building and create strong and unique identities that can be differentiated from each other. In my opinion Kind is quite simply the best agency in the business.'

Steinar Knutsen Serial entrepreneur

'Our aim is to produce world-class products. To achieve this, we need to work with the best in the world, also when it comes to design and branding. Kind stands for uncompromising quality and represents the very best in Scandinavian design. This mirrors the approach of Bareksten, making Kind the only choice.'

Stig Bareksten CEO & Founder, Bareksten Spirits

'It's been a joy, a pleasure, to work with Kind on every level. They are the complete package.'

Stephanie Prestridge Attorney and Co-founder, Lineage Law

'We would like to mention in particular Kind's ability to ... create a uniform identity in terms of design, visual style and overall storytelling.'

Bjarne Haldorsen CEO, Havtrygd

'In just a short space of time, the team at Kind have transformed my input and wishes into a company profile and brand strategy I am really proud of.'

Ivar Ole Wik CEO and Founder, Wik Gruppen

'Elegance is a word that I would say is Kind.'

Alan Milligan CEO and Founder, White Rabbit

'Kind's world-class designs and concept of ‘emotional branding’ redefine expectations when it comes to company profiling. They set new standards.'

Leif Holand CEO and Founder, Griff Aviation

'Our goal is to deliver outstanding customer experiences in everything we do. Kind has the values and competence to get us there. As a company Kind delivers a combination of customer insight and passion for the best. Kind represent something truly unique and is the best branding agency in the market. The results they produce are just amazing and Kind is a great partner for us!.'

Knut Øvernes Managing Director, Santander Consumer Bank

'Professional integrity combined with openness and the ability to create good customer dialogues. These are the fundamental values I most appreciate in suppliers and that were easy to recognise in the people at Kind.'

Tor Paulson Editorial Director, Cappelen Damm

'Kind has many references from concepts and campaigns that they have produced for others, and it was therefore easy for us to give them the chance to take on NAF Insurance as their next challenge. We are thrilled.'

Mariam Hamzaoui Head of marketing, NAF Insurance

'I'm a fan.'

Andrés Escalante Sales and Business Development Manager, Enhanced Drilling

'Kind has really impressed us. The agency has a global presence and its work has an international feel to it. Kind takes an innovative and process-driven approach to brand-building, and it has an impressive creative portfolio and a strong client portfolio that we are proud to be a part of.'

Geir Helgesen Group Marketing Manager, Framo

'We were extremely thorough before selecting a agency to rebrand our visual profile and message, and we felt very comfortable about choosing Kind. They understood our down-to-earth approach and managed to capture the essence of our message. There is no doubt that Kind was the right choice for us.'

Lasse Smedsvig Co-founder, Adams Matkasse

'There is no doubt that building a brand is a very hard job. It needs great efforts and long time to accomplish. Living the dream and believing in the ability of attaining it alongside with patience and taking care of all details is the ultimate equation to come up with the perfect result. Thats what Kind simply does.'

Nashwan Al-amri & Osama Reda Founders, Zarv Coffee

'It has been incredibly interesting and educational to work with Kind... Kind picked up on our ideas quickly and effectively and came up with a name and a style that we loved right from the outset. I strongly recommend Kind for their creative work.'

Knut Anders Berg CEO, Knupp

'Kind works in a proactive, positive and creative way that really appeals to us. Kind's positive attitude and good humoured staff make them easy to cooperate with, and we look forward to further developing our brand and concept together with Kind.'

Øyvind Grimstad CEO & Co-founder​, Alo

'It is a demanding job to design a product like this and launch it in a market where there are many competitors, while at the same time incorporating the profile and the background of an iconic figure like Varg Veum. Kind has done this job to perfection.'

Gunnar Staalesen Author of the best-selling novels about Varg Veum

'I have worked with Kind's founder for nearly two decades. I guess my loyalty reflects the result of our cooperation, which has been truly exceptional. The creative work has been brilliant, and we have received numerous awards and lots of praise for the branding and concept development Kind has been responsible for.'

Kåre Liadal Jr. CEO, Grøvik

'With Kind, we knew that our brand would be in safe hands, and that we could focus on what we like best; making great beer.'

Jens Eikeset CEO, 7 Fjell Brewery

‘One of the reasons why we chose Kind is the agency's structured and thorough work process... Kind works in a way that inspires trust, they always have the customer in focus and they are a pleasure to work with.’

Kjersti Halvorsen CEO, Bergen City Event

'I want to thank Kind for a wonderfully exciting and inspirational partnership. We asked for a visual identity but got so much more. The result was beyond what we could imagine.'

Perny Austnes Owner, Vikemarka

'We have had the pleasure of working with Kind and Kind's founder since our inception ten years ago. The result: over 4000% increase in turnover; a massive price increase for our products and a ten-fold increase of our products towards the premium segments.

'Our market share of Norwegian caught prawns has gone from 45% initially to over 90% today. Numerous national and international awards for design and design effect. Awarded 'Company of the Year' in Norway by Innovation Norway...

'Great branding and brand strategy is not an expense but an amazing investment helping businesses to grow.'

Knut Helge Vestre CEO, Coldwater Prawns of Norway

'When we decided to renew our visual identity, we searched for the best agency. The answer was Kind. The people at Kind are incredibly professional and knowledgeable... They have understood our philosophy and visualised it in a brilliant way. We are really satisfied.'

Britt Hillestad Partner & Co-founder, Badaboom

'It has been decisive for the project's success to work with an agency that isn't afraid to challenge our ideas, our thinking and our goals. Kind has demonstrated a professionalism and a creative approach to important business processes that is very un-Norwegian, exciting and, not least, very rewarding for the Lavo team.'

TR Sokki CEO, Lavo TV

‘Cheers for Kind, a branding agency that delivers every time. World-class branding.'

Hans Petter Eikeland Co-founder, Oss Craft Distillery​

'Choosing the right brand agency for the development of new corporate identity was a far too important choice to be left to chance. We therefore spent time to evaluate several different providers... When we visited Kind... we immediately got a good feeling. We therefore decided to initiate a collaboration with Kind and we have not regretted our decision.'

Hogne Sandanger Partner / Lawyer, Sandanger

'From the outset of our collaboration, Kind has challenged us about how we are positioned in the market and about our visual profile. We recommend Kind to other companies that want to use design and brand building as strategic tools.'

Geir Myhre Sales Manager, Argo

'The focus on emotional branding really blew me away when working with Kind'

STEPHANIE PRESTRIDGE Attorney and Co-founder, Lineage Law

'We will strongly recommend Kind to anyone with either national or international ambitions for their products.'

Morten Dale Co-Founder, Oss Craft Distillery

'I'm very pleased with my collaboration with Kind... Tom Emil Olsen has created a fantastic branding agency and an incredibly good team whose members complement each other. I strongly recommend Kind to everyone who wants to focus on creating a strong overall brand.'

Adam Bjerck Founding Partner, Bjerck and Co-founder, Adams Matkasse

'I am very proud of being a customer of Kind'

Herman Friele Chairman of the board, Friele Group

'The creative work has been brilliant but equally important is Kind’s ability to base the creativity on values and content. Their dedication and ability to gain an understanding of our business, and the ability to use existing values as the basis for new ideas, have been key elements of this work.'

Ragnar Moe Tafjord CEO, Klar Energy

'We are advocates of "slow fashion" and we needed an agency that could understand the entire concept. Kind has done a fantastic job in developing a visual identity for us that goes hand-in-glove with this concept, and helped us to put into words what we want to convey to the world.'

Anna Fernmo 
 Founder, Stil & Ansvar

‘Tour des Fjords has become a big, important cycling race on the international calendar. Kind is a company of creative, highly skilled people who will take Tour des Fjords’ branding to a whole new level and strengthen our brand.’

Roy Hegreberg CEO, Tour des Fjords

'Trust is paramount in the consultancy business. With an impressive list of reference projects to its name, including big international clients, Kind was a natural choice for us. The work Kind has done demonstrates great professional assurance.'

Aslak Leikvoll Gundersen CEO/Partner, Ildne

'I believe Kind's work is absolutely spectacular. I think that if Kind continues on the path that it's on, it's going to have a huge present in the United States within just a few years, and I think they are going to be a dominant force in the branding world very soon.'

Michael J. Hoover CEO and Co-founder, Lineage