Brand Vision

With our unique Brand Vision process, you will see your business in a completely different light. You will see the clear direction of your company’s look and soul. You will see our vision for your brand across all media platforms. This is a rigorous, strategic process - no stone is left unturned to ensure that your brand thrives.

Kind’s working method is based on our unique ‘Brand Vision’ process. 

This is carried out in close cooperation with our clients, to ensure that the resulting brand or campaign is rooted in their values and goals. In the initial stages, there is a strong focus on a strategic counselling, market positioning, market differentiation, storytelling and personification. The final stages consist of concept development (visual and emotional) and design-development, before the final (optional) Implementation and Evaluation phases.

Look and soul
The value of the Brand Vision process is that you will see the clear direction of your company’s look and soul. You will see our vision for your brand across all media platforms. You will see your business in a completely different light.

The visuals and concepts we present will show a new and exciting direction for all communications – providing a compelling business case for change and improvement. 

At the end of the process, you will have the foundation on which to build a successful brand - a logo, a colour palette and a unique visual direction. 

The stages in the Brand Vision process are briefly summarised here:

In this phase, it is crucial for us to get as much information as possible about both the client and the project.

We gather vital information about your business and your goals by using a number of fact-finding tools delivered in a one-day workshop. The findings help steer the development of your Brand Expression - the visuals and tone of voice of your brand - and your Brand Vision (how you want to be perceived). 

When challenges and opportunities have been identified, we can begin to help you achieve your goals. We establish what we need to do to make you stand out from the crowd, plus how to fine tune your message to your primary audience. 

Design and communication that differentiates your business and tells an emotive story - this is where these become reality. There must be a unifying concept. We will engage in communications and visuals management, ensuring the unifying theme is adhered to. The measures will be visualised on the platforms determined in the previous processes (Brief / Strategic Counselling / Concept Development). 

All creative processes begin with an idea that is based on the client brief, with agreement on the strategic direction. In this phase, there will be a brainstorming of ideas followed by a highly critical assessment of what’s generated - this forms the basis for the concept and what will be finally visualised.