The emotional KIND

We call what we do Conceptual Branding. We believe in unique, differentiated brands yet know that a brand is more than just a logo, a set of typography and colour palette. We believe in brands that tell a story and convey a message, brands that appeal just as much to the heart as they do to the intellect. We are experts in finding the sweet spot between a brand's 'look' and its 'soul'.

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The concept of Conceptual Branding
We have a strong focus on the emotional aspects of a brand - the USPs (Unique Selling Points), the ESPs (Emotional Selling Points), the 'x-factor' and storytelling. For us, it’s not only important to define the visual aspects - the trademarks - but also the very soul of the company. This is how successful brands are built.

The future of branding is clear - only brands that engage emotionally will thrive. That's why we create unique brands and campaigns that move people.

We call what we do 'Conceptual Branding'. For us it’s about finding the sweet spot between brand expression and brand emotion - resulting in a single, distinctive idea that's unique to you. Only when these elements perfectly combine will you get a truly strong brand that grabs people’s attention - and then keeps them engaged. 'Understanding' is why we deliver brands that engage emotionally, brands that tell a story and convey a message. Kind's professional understanding has been accumulated over several decades working at the highest levels in design, advertising and communications.

We know that successful brands appeal to the heart as much as they do to the intellect.

Below you'll find more details of how our numerous areas of expertise will benefit your business.

Strategic positioning

This is crucial. Where do you want to be in the market? What will you charge for your product or service? Who is your main target audience? What are their likes and dislikes? How will they relate to your brand? Kind will bring decades of award-wiining, proven positioning experience to your company with strategic solutions to the questions that really matter.

Brand building

A lot of people come to us thinking they want a logo; they don't. They want a brand. We get them there, often beyond their expectations, by helping to shape the marketplace's perception of the entire brand experience.

Visual identity

Take a look at our work - you'll see a raft of award winning, distinctive designs. Used in conjunction with the right messaging this is a crucial element in building an emotive brand. Our designers are some of the best in the world - they will help you see your company in a whole new light.

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Your website - it's your shopwindow to the world. We use some of the most gifted designers out there, combined with the formidable talents of our artists, designers and copywriters, to create websites and digital platforms that engage your audience and help your company to drive forward.

Luxury branding

The finest products in the world demand a branding process like no other. Positioning is crucial; the overall experience of the customer paramount. Kind has extensive experience of working with market leaders - companies that produce class-leading products and services that set completely new standards. If you would like to join these elite ranks, talk to us - we'll make your vision a reality.


What's in a name? A lot more than you think. Kind has a vast array of experience from naming companies and products. We ask all the right questions to ensure you get a name that works, is modern, punchy, timeless and reflects the mission, vision and values of your company.