The passionate KIND

Our passion for creativity and commitment to our clients' needs sets us apart. Ensuring the highest possible quality at all stages is paramount - we set the bar very high indeed. We are delighted that many of our clients recommend us to their business associates - to us, that speaks volumes about great relationships, outstanding work and solid business results.

Passion and emotion define the spirit of Kind. They’re our culture.

Our passion for brand building gives the Kind team a common belief: exceptional, differentiated brands are unique and tell an emotive story. That’s why Kind injects brands with emotion. We believe a brand is born the moment strong feelings are associated with a trademark.

A brand is the whole experience, from the feeling in your gut at first sight, to telling your friends about it on social media. At Kind, we know this is how brand religions are made.

Peace of mind
When it comes to our own brand, Kind realises the importance of successful, reliable service delivery - not just amazing, world-class design and content. Our clients' peace of mind is paramount to us. This is why we have highly experienced, dedicated project managers to ensure the highest quality at every stage and that projects are kept on track.

Best practices
We are strong believers in running a business that adheres to best practices. For this reason, Kind is associated with The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and take a keen interest in the work of GRAFILL (the Norwegian Design Council) and Innovation Norway.

We also attend industry conferences and events all over the world, often having been invited to deliver lectures and speeches.

The EACA promotes honest, effective advertising, high professional standards and awareness of the contribution of advertising in a free-market economy. It encourages close co-operation between agencies, advertisers and the media. The EACA works closely with EU institutions to ensure freedom to advertise creatively yet responsibly.

It brings together the advertising, media and sales-promotion agencies across Europe, enabling international experience and issues to be shared and dealt with on a pan-European basis. It is also a key contributor in setting the standards of many aspects of the business across Europe.

Kind Culture