KIND services

We are a global, full-service branding agency. By supplying a full suite of brand-building services, together with extensive ongoing support, we have enabled a host of diverse, market-leading companies around the world to build highly successful brands. Below, you'll find a list of areas (by no means exhaustive) in which we'll provide you with the very best service.

Kind is a full-service branding agency, providing a wide variety of services that contribute to brand building. Our services include:

Strategic positioning
This is crucial. Where do you want to be in the market? What will you charge? Who are your customers? How will they relate to your brand? Kind will bring decades of positioning experience to your company with strategic solutions to the questions that matter.

Brand building
This is Kind's 'bread and butter'. It's what we do. A lot of people come to us thinking they want a logo. They don't. They want a brand. We get them there, helping to shape the marketplace's perception of their entire brand experience.

Visual identity
Take a look at our work - you'll see a raft of award winning, distinctive designs. Used in conjunction with the right messaging this is a crucial element in building an emotive brand. Our designers are some of the best in the world - they will help you see your company in a whole new light.

Digital and animation
Your website - it's your shop window to the world. We use the best designers in Scandinavia, combined with the formidable talents of our artists, designers and copywriters, to create websites, digital platforms and animations that engage your audience and do justice to your company.

Advertising campaigns
Not everybody that contacts us requires a complete branding or rebranding process - we also specialise in creating advertising campaigns for existing brands. By working closely with our clients and listening to their needs and target audiences, we produce unique, highly effective, attention-grabbing campaigns across a variety of media. A campaign strategically created by Kind will get you noticed.

Content development
'Tone of voice' is becoming increasingly important as a means of distinguishing brands. Kind's copywriters have decades of professional communications experience, having written content for a wide variety of companies and products across many different fields. How should you talk to your target audience? What language will engage them and leave them wanting more? How will you convey your company's mission, vision and values in brochures, online and on packaging, for example? Kind's strategic approach to content ensures your communications hit their target.

Kind are experts at designing environments that reflect a company's mission, vision and values not only to its visiting clients, but also to its team members. An environment with design contributions from Kind will be so much more than merely a place of work - it will reinforce your company's positioning, convey a real sense of consistency and quality, plus nurture the most powerful brand ambassadors you could ever wish for - your own team.

Photography and film
Exceptional images composed and shot by our in-house dedicated photographers will help to raise your company's visual presence to new heights. With a photo style that complements your visual profile, Kind's photography will reinforce your company's positioning whether online or in print. We also carry out all post-production work in house, helping to create award-winning identities and campaigns for our clients.

Luxury branding
The finest products in the world demand a branding process like no other. Positioning is crucial; the overall experience of the customer paramount. Kind has extensive experience of working with market leaders, companies that produce class-leading products and services that set completely new standards. We help our clients to create an expectation that is part of the experience itself, then deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds these high expectations. If you would like to join these elite ranks, talk to us - we'll make your vision a reality.

Brochures and sales materials (print and digital)
Nothing says 'quality' like an exceptionally designed and produced printed brochure, or other sales-support literature. Create the right impression in a sales meeting or a tradeshow event with brochures that inform and impress in equal measure. From engaging text to stand-out visuals, to unique paper finishes and embossing techniques, a brochure from Kind will act as a statement of intent for your company.

From logos and visual identities, to packaging, point-of-sale and work environments, Kind has an impressive track-record of creating award-winning, distinctive designs across a wide variety of media that marry form and function perfectly.

Tradeshow stands
A true test of differentiation: how to stand apart when you're shoulder to shoulder with your direct competition? Tradeshows and exhibitions offer a unique challenge but also a unique opportunity to let your branding shine. Whatever your tradeshow booth requirements, talk to Kind about maximising your impact on the exhibition floor; from simple pop-up displays to full custom-build booths, we'll make sure you make a successful, lasting impression with delegates.

Kind's approach to packaging and labelling is simple - be distinct without sacrificing functionality. With our track record encompassing everything from arresting spirit bottles to decadent luxury salmon packaging, our award-winning designs get products noticed while still protecting the goods within.