KIND and Nordi

KIND branding the new producer of premium Norwegian sea greens, NORDI

The new brand underpins Nordi’s ambition to bring cutting-edge aquaculture technology to northern Norwegian waters as they seek to create a sustainable global market for fresh Nordic sea greens.

KIND recently completed the full rebrand for Nordi, as the innovative producer of seaweed and kelp products seeks to expand its international appeal. The new identity and a full suite of communication collateral now provides a platform for the company to drive forward with a new era of organic algae farming focused on nutrient-rich Nordic species.

Based out of Aalesund, and with concessions for offshore and onshore cultivation, Nordi is aiming to take super nutritious Norwegian sea greens out to a truly global market. With over 400 acres of offshore farms already strategically located in the region, Nordi has identified a unique opportunity to revolutionise algae farming (seaweed and kelp) along the northwest coast. By working with scientists on dedicated sea trials and consumer research across the globe, Nordi has secured the know-how to cultivate the different species required to create a range of products designed to appeal to all tastes and traditions in international markets.

Every bite green. Every bite clean.

The fresh new branding brings to life the Nordi promise that ‘green nutrition makes for great nutrition’. It has been designed to provide a distinctive, green and sustainable brand that will help to promote the Norwegian seaweed farming industry to local markets as well as to those key markets in Asia and the rest of the world.

Commenting on the development of the new identity, Nordi Ocean CEO, Petter Synnes, said:

At Nordi, we always seek to partner with like-minded individuals or organisations that share our passion for the natural environment and, in particular, the rich marine ecosystems of the Northern oceans. KIND has a long track record of working with companies who operate in this arena – and that made them a natural branding partner for us.

“They clearly understood our values and ambitions, and the new branding will be a powerful tool in helping us to build awareness and drive sales of our nutrient-rich products from crystal clear Norwegian seas.”

Thomas Danielsen, Strategic Director at KIND, added: “The Nordi brand builds on everything that is close to our own hearts: innovation, creativity, sustainability and global ambition. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Petter and his team to create the platform they will need to bring the Nordi name to a wider international market. ”

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