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Cannes 2023: KIND launches new brands for marine pioneer, Tyde, and for BMW’s luxury flagship for marine sustainability, The Icon.

Norwegian branding agency KIND has developed the brands for the German boat maker Tyde, and BMW’s new flagship in progressive marine luxury, The Icon. The culmination of over six months of collaboration between KIND, Tyde and BMW, the spectacular launch of both brands took place at the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

The high-profile official unveiling of both brands witnessed BMW and Tyde presenting The Icon, a new symbol for sustainable mobility on the water. The first battery-powered maritime vehicle of its kind, the Icon combines locally emission-free mobility with a luxury design ethos characterised by conscious enjoyment.

Inspired by the forces of nature, KIND developed the brand for Tyde. The dynamic branding incorporates the relentless turning of the moon and earth and the inevitable ebb and flow of the tide together to communicate elevated movement. Similarly, the branding for The Icon was developed in collaboration between KIND, Tyde and BMW, and underscores the starring role this innovative vessel has to play in emission-free mobility and sustainable progressive marine luxury.

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An Icon is born

A collaborative project with a design concept by BMW Designworks, the Icon is pioneering a new type of watercraft with battery-electric propulsion. The concept is the result of an intensive transfer of know-how involving specialists from different areas of mobility under the direction of BMW, with the development and implementation of the concept in the hands of the boat builder Tyde.

The Icon not only impresses with its unique hydrofoil design and luxury branding, but also offers a completely new experience in marine mobility – one combining maximum comfort in an exclusive ambience with significantly reduced environmental impact.

Incorporating a glass salon reminiscent of a kaleidoscope with artfully designed pieces of furniture arranged on a luxurious carpet, the Icon incorporates 360° rotating seats that allow for a user-centric experience with everything needed within easy reach on a BMW-designed UI/UX – including a tablet infotainment system and a Dolby Atmos system offering impressive sound quality.

The resulting cruising experience is accompanied by exclusive sounds composed by award-winning film score composer Hans Zimmer. During a career spanning over 200 films and television projects, the 11-time Oscar-nominated composer has scored soundtracks for films such as ‘Gladiator’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Lion King’. For Zimmer, sounds, noises and music, all represent emotions – and emotions connect.

Just as with composing for movies, he had to get a sense of the story being told with the Icon. Then, as he revealed, the acoustic script emerges in his imagination all by itself. Zimmer said: “Sounds create worlds of thought in my mind. The tone defines the personality. It gives a character more emotion and depth. Sounds and noises transport us to certain places or to certain memories. Sound gives rise to energy. Technology inspires me.”

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Collaborating on a new marine narrative

Each in their own way, the project partners broke free from the shackles of established development and design conventions right from the start. Tyde and BMW deliberately set out not to design a boat, but rather to create their own elevated experience on the water. KIND then sought to capture that experience in the emotional branding.

"Collaborating with KIND, recognized as the best branding agency in the world, has been a remarkable journey in repositioning the Tyde brand and amplifying our collaboration with BMW. With their expertise in positioning and luxury branding, KIND has infused the essence of exclusivity and sophistication into our brand, perfectly aligning it with the launch of our flagship product, the Icon. Together, we have created a powerful narrative that captures the essence of Tyde and BMW and sets a new standard in the world of marine excellence. This partnership has elevated our vision to new heights, and we are excited to unveil the extraordinary results to the world.”

Dr. Christoph Ballin Co-founder and Managing Director of Tyde
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Following the successful launch of both brands in Cannes in May 2023, Tom Emil Olsen, CEO and Chief Creative Director of KIND, reflected on the journey. He said:

“Being able to develop brands for an ambitious pioneer and a world leader in premium mobility on such a ground-breaking project is an enormous honor. Through their collaboration, Tyde and BMW’s shared aim is to help decarbonize the premium mobility segment at sea. A challenge we at KIND are incredibly happy to be a part of.”

Tom Emil Olsen CEO and Chief Creative Director of KIND

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