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KIND named ‘Global Agency of the Year’ at The World Brand Design Society Awards, for the third year running.

For the third year running, the World Brand Design Society Awards has named KIND as ‘Global Agency of the Year’. The 2022/23 awards ceremony was held in London, where KIND received a total of 28 awards, in addition to the main trophy of the evening.

As well as the title of ‘Global Agency of the Year’, KIND also claims the No.1 spot in the Society's 'Global Agency Ranking', which ranks the world's top agencies. KIND’s work was recognized with a total of 28 individual awards, including five Gold, ten Silver, eight Bronze and five Commended awards.

The following work was awarded:
Stingray Marine Solutions (2 gold and three silver), Coldwater Prawns of Norway/Gyda Snow (1 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze), Bue Seafood (1 gold and three bronze), Åmot Luxury Lodging (1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze award), Lineage Lives (1 silver and 1 bronze and 1 commended award), Hima Seafood (1 bronze), Skuld Insurance 1 bronze), Monn Interior Architects (1 bronze) and Due North Travel (1 commended award. The global league tables produced by The World Brand Design Society (WBDS) reflect a wide range of data compiled and independently curated as part of the WBDS Agency Design Awards. The WBDS is an internationally focused community, founded in 2008 with the mission of highlighting the very best in consumer (packaging) and corporate brand design. The Society promotes good industry practice and actively supports design students, professionals, and agencies –encouraging dialogue and celebrating creativity by enabling practitioners to present their work on a global stage.

This year's World Brand Design Society Awards – Agency of the Year goes to KIND for the third year running. The highly successful agency is based in Bergen, Norway, with branch offices in Oslo, Aberdeen, and Shanghai, and has won a total of 28 awards, including 5 Gold, 10 Silver, 8 Bronze and 5 commended awards.

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Tom Emil Olsen, CEO and Chief Creative Director at KIND, commented: “KIND's journey has been like a fairy tale. We have made a strong impact in the branding world in just a few years. Five major international awards in four years consolidate our position in the market. With success comes greater responsibility, but also greater opportunities. Our success is the synergy of our philosophy, passion, hard work and good long-term client relationship. KIND consists of a fantastic team of employees and clients sharing similar values and goals. I am very grateful for the trust and support given to us by our clients and proud of the effort of the KIND staff.”

Knut Harald Longva, Design Director at KIND, commented: “It is an honour to receive the prestigious title as Global Agency of the Year, again. It shows that our team’s hard work and creative mindset bears fruit and makes its mark on the global design and branding scene.

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