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The award-winning kind

KIND picks up the DOGA Award for design excellence

Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) celebrates projects that demonstrate the outstanding use of design and architecture in creating innovative solutions of social, environmental and economic value. The DOGA Award Jury is made up of leading practitioners from the Norwegian fields of design and architecture, along with a number of international experts and representatives from the corporate and public sectors. The DOGA Award is the most highly regarded award of its kind in Norway.

"We see Kinds design concept as holistic and innovative. They have thought of everything - from packaging to product. Including a subtle narrative of tradition and future, nature and technology, local value creation and international markets. The concept is original and timeless, and it is refreshing to see a Norwegian product that stands so firmly on its own without resorting to neither trolls nor the midnight sun."

Excerpt from jury statement​

KIND received this latest design award for the innovative identity created for FLYT Seaweed, which explores the hidden depths of linguistics and symbolism from the natural world. Based on Austevoll, FLYT works with world-renowned Norwegian chef, Ørjan Johannessen, to create gourmet seaweed products, with all its raw ingredients sustainably sourced and responsibly harvested. The brand identity for FLYT that was developed by KIND includes a range of unique ‘tang’ symbols which when scanned reveal more about where the seaweed was harvested, the production processes, and the real people behind them.

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