Klar Artikkel
Klar Energy

Kind brands the future of energy

Kind has developed a visual identity and communication strategy for the energy company Klar. Together, Kind and Klar will work on raising awareness of renewable energy solutions.

The creative work has been brilliant, but equally important is Kind's ability to base the creativity on values and content.

Ragnar Moe Tafjord CEO, Klar Energy

Environmentally friendly solutions like solar cells, solar collectors and wind power are the future. Creating development based on values that give something back is Klar® Energy’s business philosophy. Klar® believes that the future is cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

Behind Klar Energy are the companies Hareid Group and Gjerde Invest. Klar Energy AS aims to manage the shareholders’ investment in renewable energy and become a complete supplier in the field. Based on in-depth knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering and HVAC, Klar Energy will offer optimum, sustainable solutions to its customers. Klar Energy delivers quality, professionalism and expertise throughout. As part of the company’s focus on sustainable solutions, it shall offer high-quality products that are also among the best on the market in terms of both performance and durability.

To all public-minded, dedicated and responsible people. The time has come to change the way we produce energy. The solutions of the future are already available.

Klar’s vision for the future is a ‘greener’ and more sustainable world. A world where all private consumption is based on environmentally friendly energy. Klar wants to make the global population choose smart solutions, so that we leave a more sustainable world for our children and grand-children.

‘In the last few months, we have worked closely with the people at Kind. The creative work has been brilliant, but equally important is Kind’s ability to base the creativity on values and content. Their dedication and ability to gain an understanding of our business, and the ability to use existing values as the basis for new ideas, have been key elements of this work. Our meetings with Kind have also helped to affirm and clarify Klar Energy’s DNA, which will be a key part of our brand building in the future.’ So says Ragnar Moe Tafjord, CEO of Klar Energy.

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