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Lineage - branding a top US legal firm

Lineage Law is a company that primarily deals with the things people don’t like to talk about: inheritance law and what happens when life comes to an end. In practice, this means focusing on leaving a legacy. A timeless challenge that requires timeless communication and a timeless identity. Kind developed the overall branding, a com- munications concept, campaigns and a visual identity for this ambitious American company with a highly specialised business idea.

With each project Kind delivers, they push the envelope to a new extent, and never settle for just 'good enough'. It is apparent they are always striving for 'the best' and that is why I would say Kind is the best branding agency in the world.

Michael J. Hoover CEO and Co-founder, Lineage Law

Michael Hoover, Attorney, CEO and Co-founder, said: ‘When we started to really grow the business and we made the decision to take it to the next level, we tried to think outside of the box as to how we could take a different approach and a non-traditional route in what has traditionally been a very conservative and very bland industry. 

‘How do we transform something that has been morbid and cold into something warm and engaging? And so, the biggest challenge at the outset was guring out how we effec- tively communicate that this is going to be a different experience. With those thoughts in mind, we started looking intently for solutions, because we came to recognise that we simply couldn’t do it on our own. We went looking for the solution, and the solution, obviously, was Kind. The rest is history.’ 

Stephanie Prestridge, Attorney and Co-founder, added: ‘The focus on the emotional part of the branding really blew me away, because we came to Kind with a name and a story and said “do what you have to do — change the name, change the logo, change the colours, we are putting it all on the table”. 

‘And what really captured my imagination is that Kind was able to take our name and story, the overall concept, and understand immediately what we were trying to convey to our clients and the world — that this process never fully ends, your lineage does not stop when you die, it keeps going and recycling through generations. 

‘Kind adopted our past and came up with a beautiful concept for us to share with our cli- ents. It didn’t just capture a name, or a service, it captured the story behind how we got there — it’s a never-ending story.’

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