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Siste Sang

Branding the future hops of Oslo

Kind has been responsible for the overall branding and communication of the 'foaming pride of Oslo', Siste Sang.

Siste Sang (which means 'last song' in English) is inspired by the story behind Norway's capital city - also known as 'The Tiger Town'. In the poem 'Siste sang' by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsson from 1870, the expression 'Tiger Town' was used for the first time. The term relates to a fight between a tiger and a horse, set up to amuse the local people of Oslo. It was a long struggle with no winner, something that was felt to describe the working class at the time.

Siste Sang is a craft beer and a tribute to the working class - they can share a last song before the party ends, or a last song at the funeral to celebrate a life's ending - a 'gravøl', or 'grave beer'.

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