COO / Account Director

Beate Myren Romslo

Beate has a BA (Honors Degree) in Tourism Business Management from Birmingham in the UK. She has travelled extensively, and possesses solid experience from different types of administration, marketing and distribution tasks.

She says: 'With over 17 years of professional workplace experience, I realise the importance of upholding the maximum level of service to customers and partners.

'In a previous role I worked extensively and closely with an advertising and design agency, which means I have the advantage of having sat "on the other side of the table". This is invaluable experience for me now as a project manager and Key Account Manager at Kind.'

From her long background and solid experience from the travel industry, Beate excels at delivering first-rate customer service. Structured, purposeful, with exemplary follow-up and communication, Beate ensures our clients get the very best levels of service possible.

During her time with Kind, Beate has worked with a diverse selection of customers including Bergen City Event, Jacu, 7 Fjell Brewery, Coldwater Prawns of Norway, Badaboom, Una, Seaborn, Enhanced Drilling, Friele Group, Havtrygd, Oss Craft Distillery and Tour des Fjords.